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Candida Royalle's My Surrender

Candida Royalle's My Surrender On
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Give In To The Thrill Of New Love

April Hunter is surrounded by the tender passions of the couples who come to her to be filmed as they act out their private fantasies. But, because she is fearful of the pain and disappment love can bring, her own life is devoid of any real intimacy. Until Robert Landon enters her world...

Determined to break through her wall of fear, Robert sets out to weaken April's resistance and bring this exotic flower to bloom.

will April surrender her fears to the past? Will she surrender to the thrill of new love? Will you dare to surrender your inhibitions as these couples do theirs?

Ah, sweet surrender. So delicious. So pure.

Released:Aug 25, 2003
Length:1 hrs. 20 mins.

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