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Candida Royalle Presents: Petra Joy's Female Fantasies

Candida Royalle Presents: Petra Joy's Female Fantasies View Boxcover
From a female perspective for the adult connoisseur!

Award-winning director, Petra Joy continues her exploration of women's rich erotic fantasy life with Female Fantasies, a visually stunning tableau of sensual delights. From being pleasures by several skilled lovers at once to getting your just-desserts on the kitchen counter, secretly spying on some tasty eye-candy, a hilarious parody of a nasty car-wash gone triple-X and more, let yourself be transported to the inner secrets of the erotic female mind. Shot with non-professional real-life lovers, Female Fantasies captures authentic chemistry and desire. May you enjoy these wild, erotic dreams and make your own come true!

Internationally celebrated filmmaker Candida Royalle continues to support the work of up-and-coming female directors with the release of Female Fantasies, the second Petra Joy feature to be distributed in the United States and Canada. Since launching Femme Productions in 1984, Candida Royalle is considered the pioneer of female-centered erotic cinema. She has produced and directed 18 award-winning films, and become a sought-after author and spokesperson. She is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). For more information about Ms. Royalle and her Femme line, go to CandidaRoyalle.com.

Released:Jan 24, 2013
Director:Petra Joy
Length:53 mins.

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