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Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation

Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation - Front Cover

Join Nina Hartley and her friends as they explore the myths and realities behind the female Read More

Studio: Adam and Eve

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Join Nina Hartley and her friends as they explore the myths and realities behind the female ejaculatory orgasm. Fascinating to men and overwhelmingly pleasurable for women, the art of female ejaculation can be learned! Nina Hartley reveals the tips and tricks needed to help women achieve this very elusive orgasmic experience. Of course, there's plenty of raw, cum-soaked footage to enjoy as well! So, prime your pump and prepare yourself for a flood of squirting action!

DVD Features:
  • Motion Menus
  • Bonus Scene
  • Photo Gallery
  • Preview Trailers
  • Interview w/ Nina
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Runtime (Stream, Download): 78 minutes

    Studio: Adam and Eve


    Also Starring:

    Anna Mills 

    Directed By:

    Ernest Greene 

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    Customer Reviews
    I did it!!! - December 3, 2006
    Reviewed By: curious

    It took me a while and I really wish they would have given more step-by-step instructions and elaborated more on what you will physically feel, but the information Nina gave was very helpful to me in finally being able to ejaculate. Girls, a little advice...just like Nina suggests, you want to be very stimulated to do this, so have fun with your partner! Your goal is to find that spot that makes you feel like you have to it vaginal or clitoris...once you are fully stimulated and feel that sensation, KEEP GOING! You may or may not have a vaginal orgasm, but also push OUT instead of clutching inward like you would with a regular orgasm. I've seen the other squirting video explained by this man claiming he was the king of making women squirt. Whatever. This was WAY more helpful coming from a WOMAN and being able to actually see which area I'm suppose to stimulate and how, and why, etc... I can't wait to try to again!

    I was introduced to squirting when my partner and I were sharing our fantasies with each other. He told me he wanted me to “squirt”. I had no idea what he was talking about, so he sent me a video to watch…the one made by a man. Being a quiet shy girl, I sat jaw-dropped watching these women squirt all over the place! I thought, ‘HE’S gotta learn to make me do that!’ That was my first mistake. My partner is a wonderful lover, with wonderful long gentle fingers, but how can he make me do this if I don’t even know myself the feelings my body is suppose to be feeling. So, girls, get to know your own body first, and then walk your partner through it. We thought it was going to take a lot of pressure and fast motions like in the video made by men showed. But it didn’t. I actually came over 10 times that night just trying to do this. I was frustrated. But I could feel the build-up…I had a feeling like I needed a release of some kind, which is probably why I came so many times that night. So after a rest, I started off slow, concentrated solely on my clitoris, found that spot that made me feel like I had to urinate, and kept going until I couldn’t stand it no more, and then I PUSHED! I knew my bladder wasn’t full because I previously went to the restroom and cleaned up. But I honestly thing the difference was that I relaxed my muscles and pushed instead of clinching.

    How did it feel? Well, not like I thought. Felt like I accidentally urinated on myself. It wasn’t mind blowing spasms like a man has. But it was different. The smell, texture, and taste was very unique. It had a sweetly musky scent…very intoxicating. I also learned that I was probably ejaculating backwards into my bladder instead of outward because I would feel the same WARM sensation at certain times while making love, but then nothing…except really having to go to the restroom! So that was interesting.

    Men…it takes A LOT of UNselfishness on your part if you want your woman to experience this with you, so be patient and dedicate a whole night to solely pleasing her. Squirting and having an orgasm should NOT be your goal! Surprise her with sex toys SHE would enjoy and that are recommended by WOMEN and not men! You would probably be surprised what women actually enjoy.

    I could honestly live without ever doing this again, but I know it means a lot to my lover, and being able to show him how to please me so he could be pleased says it all… :)

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