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Candida Royalle's Afrodite Superstar

Candida Royalle's Afrodite Superstar - Front Cover

Have you ever dreamed of being a superstar? Read More

Studio: Candida Royalles Femme

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Have you ever dreamed of being a superstar? AfroDite hasn't. Not until she runs into CEO, the mogul's of hip hop. Catapulted in to the world of made mega-stars with her best friend Isis in tow, AfroDite quickly becomes a top selling rapper and nothing can keep her down; not wardrobe malfunctions, not lip-syncing fiascoes, nothing! Well, almost nothing. Finding herself a little socially challenged in the love department, her secret crush CEO only seems to see dollar signs on her forehead. Will AfroDite get her man? And will superstardom turn out to be everything she ever wished for?

DVD Features:
  • Photo Galleries
  • Behind The Scenes Documentary
  • About Candida
  • Dolby Digital Sound
  • Preview Trailers

Runtime (Stream, Download): 69 minutes

Studio: Candida Royalles Femme


Also Starring:

Sativa Verte  Simone Valentino  Justin Long 

Directed By:

Venus Hottentot 

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