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The Babysitter (Sweet Sinner)

She's getting your money anyway so why not try out that babysitters' young pussy. Read More

Studio: Sweet Sinner

Series: The Babysitter

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She's getting your money anyway so why not try out that babysitters' young pussy. They're never too young to have a good time.

DVD Features:
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Runtime (Stream, Download): 136 minutes

Studio: Sweet Sinner

Series: The Babysitter

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Customer Reviews
Shh!... the babysitter’s coming - October 16, 2013
Reviewed By: Ursa Major

The Sweet Sinner label promotes itself as engaging us around the mutually achieved orgasms of its heroes and heroines. Nica Noelle has produced a winning formula, which is well-shot and makes the most of bringing the common place fantasy into a drawn–out bout of love-making. That the actors feel something for each other is evident; that they parade their sexual prowess for our enjoyment is indeed arousing.

This novella starts unconventionally enough with a tryst between husband and wife. The dialogue is affectionately, realistically trite, although when the wife in question is Magdalen St Michaels, you feel (a) this is a woman who’s never in it for half measures and (b) you wouldn’t want to be there when she finds her husband mixing it with the babysitter. Or perhaps you would. And just what is it with that name? Is it a “sweet sinner” thing? You might think there’s quite a bit of catholic baggage to carry there, and they do spend quite a bit of time playing the missionary, on their knees and hoping for heaven. For all that, however, MStM is a lot of woman and she manages her spouse’s wedge shaped dick with aplomb, settling for a first coming with good grace (3★).

Nicole Ray is a stunning babysitter (5★). She could come and do it for me anytime. She has the hots, inevitably, for Mr MStM, but until her ambition for him can come to fruition, she makes do with the pretty slobby boyfriend. She wants to be reminded why she puts up with him, and the answer is about 7” long. His tongue. Positively serpentine. His hands are made though for cupping those stunning breasts and he’s quick to get her astride his face – how her first orgasm didn’t wake the kids is beyond me. Sofas aren’t always the easiest places for fucking, but they capture some good angles here. Her tits move in great rhythm and things get pretty wet as he brings her off again. And again. After an absolutely stoic performance he finally ships his load all over her belly. Miss “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” (even if a lot of other things might) departs the scene with lingering looks at Mr MStM and a lot of dollars.

Chapter three brings us the babysitter “let’s compare notes” scenario, and here the seduction of another willing dad by one of Nicole’s mates – Heather (4★) - takes centre stage. There’s a bit too much agony aunt dialogue to start, but we’re quickly into tartan schoolgirl skirt and pigtailed passion. Getting her bra undone is entertainingly protracted but we’re then soon onto the bed. There’s quite a bit of clothed foreplay action and her first orgasm comes at the point of his tongue. Throughout all she manages to keep that little tartan skirt on and we get some good, slow shots of puckered anus as she rides him to a lather. The final bit of mutual wanking brings him relief as his banana shaped dick unloads gallons over and into her face.

Making MStM the authoress of her own betrayal suggests a neat sense of Sweet Sinner irony as she makes the fateful call to Nicole, inviting her over to help while she’s away. The rest, as they say, is history. As Nicole leans forward in Mr MStM’s office and into his lap, revealing her two peach skin perfect orbs of breasts, you know he’s a lost man. I would be too. There’s a hint of things anal as he gets to grips with her buttocks and the keening sound of Nicole coming gives him all the cues he needs. She wants him to come for her, and he obliges, creaming her buttocks. They’re worth creaming. The final irony comes with Nicole’s imperative – “no one must know about this”. You would have to have been in another city not to have heard her.

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