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Squirtwoman - Wasteland

Squirtwoman - Wasteland - Front Cover

Elegant Angel reboots its award winning squirt series as a feature. Read More

Studio: Elegant Angel

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Elegant Angel reboots its award winning squirt series as a feature. Director Dread Neck pays homage to the 2013 multi-award winning feature Wasteland with breathtaking cinematography and Kleio pulls out the stops for the roll with jaw dropping squirt scenes and her very first DP! Following a nuclear war, the world has become a desert wasteland and civilization has collapsed. Traumatized by the loss of her husband, Kleio roams in search of a new hope but quickly finds out she's being hunted for her secret that can save humanity.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 105 minutes

Studio: Elegant Angel


Directed By:

Dread Neck 

Reviews & Ratings

 (6 rating) Rate and Review It
Customer Reviews
Squirting Is Back But Needs Improvement - August 25, 2018
Reviewed By: Sonicposter69

Once again, we have a wonderful new production by director Dreadneck, this time it features long time porn veteran Kleio Valentine, brought to you by the fine folks at Elegant Angel who really don't know how to make anything else but the same old mainstream straight sex movies. This time, Squirtwoman finds herself on a nice deserted wasteland out in the hot dry desert, where shes forced to find her true long lost lovers from a post apolcalyptic era. While I thought this movie was interesting with the story and plotlines, the sex was basically dry, boring and very much predictable, which accounts for most of Dreadneck's line of adult productions , and the studio executives at Elegant Angel are to blame for this downfall in porn viewership. Instead of continuing to make more diverse porn movies like for example: Squirt Gangbang , the all-girl lesbian squirt orgy series like the last one Dreadneck decided to direct and produce back in 2016: Squirt Gangbang 5 with Keisha Grey, Zoey Monroe and so, on, Dreadneck has decided to bring back Wasteland , a true forgetten and lame production with nothing interesting or sexual about it. While I was really turned on by watching Kleio Valentine and Angela White do some girl-girl desert lesbian squirting sex, the overall plotline was an adventure at best. I don't even think Squirtwoman: Wasteland should be considered a true porn movie, its just a lot of acting with some sex scenes inbetween. My overall rating is 2 at best. Its time for this once creative director: Dreadneck, to start producing lots of girl-girl / lesbian squirt porn videos. We really want to see more of Squirt Gangbang 6,7,8,9,10 ( all-girl squirting sex ) or make a new series like Lesbo Grease ( all-girl oiled up strap-on fucking sex, oiled up all-girl squirting sex ) Enough of straight porn, Elegant Angel has really wasted all its valuable time, money and resources on making mediocre bullshit pornography, its time to get back to making truly great epic creative, erotic and interesting lesbian sex porn videos, movies and DVDS, all filmed on high quality 2160p 4K-Full HD digital video, NOT FILM, but on crystal clear video. If anyone wants to give me some feedback, please do so on here, thank you :)

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